Internet Love

i turn on my pc
and i see thee

someone is there
so beautiful i swear

we talk without speaking
we know each other yet, its so decieving

time passed and i grow fond of you
in my pc i dont feel blue

as long as you're online
to me everythings just fine

i havn't seen you with my eyes
but i belive that your words aren't lies

till the day i see your face
the internet is my love's place

till the time i see your smile
i'll love you through these files

Some people say internet love isn’t real
That it doesn’t exist
That it’s just words on a screen
Some people say Internet love is a lie
That you can’t really know the person behind the words
That people are fooling themselves
Some people say internet love can’t work
Because of the distances involved
Because of trust

I know better then all of these people
I know internet love is real

I fell in love with those words on the screen
I fell in love with someone half a world away

And I know that one day
Some day
I will hold you
And warm
And real
In my arms.

And I will never
Let you go

Because I love you.

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