Lessons on Blogging

I Digged one post of Ben Cook about lessons on blogging. It is so much true to keep your private life as private as possible. I tried to blog on my love life for the few months I have started blogging and even though it didn't backed fire at me, I am still sure it will happen if I continue on writing about it.

My personal lessons are:

1. Never be afraid to try to write on something then post it after because you will never know if you made a mistake or not.

2. There will be people who wouldn't like your blog. They will tell you negative things and all stuff that breaks your heart. In order to win the battle, don't mind them. You are not born to please everyone.

3. I know Wendy Piersall will not agree with me, but I would always try to write at least once a day. I am a rookie and I need to learn. No body in here will tell me what to do. It is better to make that mistake now than make the mistake later.

4. This is the greatest lesson, time management. You can write posts anytime but it will never be helpful in the long run. I am blogging because I wanted to earn and at the same time tell the world my thoughts. Write blog posts during those times when it is not in conflict with work, with family and with anything that is important in your life. Thou shall not write blog posts on weekends.

To end this meme, I am tagging BatangYagit, Jim, Ria, and Reyan Elena.


Wendy Piersall said...

I do agree that you should write regularly. I just found that no matter WHAT I posted on the weekends (even Fridays), if it was the best post on the planet, it would get ignored. :D Good luck!

Hunee's Blog said...

Thanks! Wendy.:D

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