Most of the Top 30 Young Millionaires are MEN

When I made the post about young millionaires, I've found out that most on the list are men. Why is it that most geeks are men? And most male geek earn more than a female geek? Has there been a chance in history where female geeks dominate?

Ashley Qualls, of whateverlife.com, is definitely one of the young millionaires but she's on the top 25. I am sure I am not the only one who noticed that male geek dominate not just in making millions but also being featured positively in TV shows and movies. As for female geeks, there are a lot out there but they are often not featured as like men geeks are featured.

Wired has released its search on sexiest geek last December 2007, and female geeks dominate the list. Why is that?

Here's what I think. Male geeks dominate because everyone of us think that only men can do this job, like an engineering job. And now female geek dominate the sexiest geeks list because of Victoria Secret. Girls on their lingerie walking on the isle and giving some sexiness to the audience. This is what I thought, and although there are a lot of successful stories of girls making it to the top, other girls does not follow the pattern. If there are more sexy female geeks then I know in the future there will be female geeks earning millions and they will be replacing top male geek on the list.

Girls, is the a sign that we will soon be on top of the 30 young millionaires list?
Boys, do you think a female geek can be on top of the 30 young millionaires list 5 years from now?

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