My Love for Marketing

This is not the first time that I wrote about my work. It is the love month for me so I also would like to share my love for my work.

I work in a one man marketing department wherein the owner of the company is the president and my marketing supervisor. I thought, at first, I will have a hard time for I am not a 100% marketing person as compared to medical representatives that really had a good training in sales and marketing. That's what I thought, and I am 50% right and 50% wrong about my assumptions.

I love my current job. It gives me the chance to be creative, be always on the look out to new things, and I got the opportunity that was never given to a marketing assistant to any company. My boss is kind enough to introduce me to the big people in the industry. My boss is kind enough to send me to trainings and seminars.

I have grown to be a person who appreciate money and the value of it. I have grown to a person with patience for everything will come in time only when you worked hard for it. I have grown to be a person with strong willed attitude to be able to get my goals. I have grown to incorporate my personal goals with my working goals.

In anything that you do, you can never get the satisfaction when you are not happy doing it. I

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