Goodbye to 2007

Posted by Hunee | 1/02/2008 12:18:00 PM | , , | 0 comments »

It is always sad to say goodbye. 2007 was a great year. There were ups and downs, there were crying moments and there were the best laughs.

There were moments that I felt I was stooped down and nobody cares for what I think. I told myself, life is always this way. If no one did that to me, I wouldn't know how to step up again and regain myself. I say, they've done that only because they don't find me amusing or worthwhile.

There were others who used me for their popularity. On my end, I got hurt, but I've move on. My mind is better off something else rather think of what they've done to me. I choose my life to be public through this blog and I have to accept the consequence on putting my own personal life for the world to read.

I maybe knocked down a couple of times or even more but I've stood up back again. I know I am the victor. I am glad I have a positive attitude.

2007 was a year of laughs as well. I have a job. I am buying things for myself because I deserve it. I have opened a bank account and those are the sweat of a hard worker.

Standing up again after a fall was the greatest. Darn! I am getting good at it. I just have to be good at not to be stooped again. Again, I have the whole year of 2008 to master that.

The best and the worst of 2007.

Here's a line for me, "GROW UP!"