I Am So Proud of Myself

I am so proud of myself that I was able to give love to someone. He may or not deserve such love still I am the one giving it and it is so pure. For 4 years, I am so proud to say, I never ever think of looking for another one. I am so happy I was involved with this person and it really is the nicest thing ever happened. It even lead me to the point of actually setting up the date of when is the wedding. It is both agreed and we even talked about how strong we are last Christmas.

Although it had to end, I am so proud that it happened to me. I am so proud I was able to make memories that I can keep. Memories that will somehow make me giggle when remembered.

I won't deny my feelings. I do loved him and even now, I still do love him. He will be part of me. I guess, the next great thing is finding the "right" one again. Isn't it an adventure?

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