I write posts for this blog for I love to write what is on my mind. Coming from a little country, foreign people belittle me for they think I got little brain. The posts found in this blog is entirely my opinion on things. Some are reflections, and some are posts to honor a great person who look at me in the same level.

I am not here to dissatisfy whatever that is you have started. Neither it is my intention to attack you, or worst thing, stalk you. I admire a lot of people, and admiring is not bad. But to associate admiring as stalking is another thing.

I got hurt my other people's comment and was excessively happy with the others. This is what I expected to get when I decided to tell the world what this little brain can say about life.

This all about me. What I say, what I write, what I think and what I feel. This is not you nor her or him. I am the subject.

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